Everyday wear on your toilet, sink, and shower

Like the air we breath, we donít pay much attention to the things we use on a regular basis. Think about how often your use your kitchen or bathroom sink, toilet, or shower in the Inland Empire. Most usage comes not from the water you use, but from the frequent stress caused on your shower and sink, handles, and pipes. All that pressure caused by the water in the Inland Empire. Stressed gears on sink handles and showers. Hard water buildup also causes stress resulting in needed sink and shower repairs.

Signs you toilet, sink or shower repairs in the Inland Empire

Unlike hard to see pipe leaks or slab leaks, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, toilet, and shower plumbing problems are easier to spot. Sink and shower repairs are easiest since we use them more frequently than the toilet. A family unit however may use the toilet more frequently, but toilet leaks may go unnoticed or unreported.

Easy to spot needed sink and shower repairs

Look for water leaks at the base of sink handles or drips from your faucets. Do the same for your shower. If you notice leaks or dripping you canít stop, you need to call a 5-star plumber in the Inland Empire for sink and shower repairs. For toilet repairs, look for water leaks at the base of the toilet leak. You will immediately know following a toilet flush or perhaps when you are sitting down on the toilet seat. Also listen for non-stop hissing or slow but consistent flushing.

Screeching handles are also a good sign you need plumbing repairs. Our 5-star Inland Empire plumbers can help you with faucet handle repairs or replacements.

Sink and shower repairs should be fixed immediately

Plumbing problems never happen when you want them to happen. So, avoid emergency headaches with your sink and shower repairs by calling a local 5-star plumber to help you fix the problem right away. Remember, we donít charge emergency fees, however the damage a more severe leak may cause on your property is beyond our control.