Do you need sewer line replacement or relining?

When it comes to plumbing you probably donít think much about the sewer lines. These are a vital part of your plumbing system. Our 5-star plumbers donít just fix water leaks or unclog drains, we also perform complete sewer line replacement and relining in the Inland Empire. Sewer lines may be neglected and over time develop excess grime, dirt or debris buildup. In worse case scenarios, they may completely break or develop cracks due to construction, earth movement or roots. Find out if you need sewer line replacement or relining.

Possible sewer line damage

A lot of things can happen when your sewer line needs replacement or relining. For example, dirty water can backup underneath your landscaping surfaces causing additional damage and expenses. Stoppages can also cause water backflow into your house. Imagine seeing dirty water coming back up your drains instead of down. Excessive rooting can also cause permanent damage to your sewer lines if left unchecked.

What is sewer line relining

There are several ways to fix a sewer line. Thereís the direct approach to dig and replace, but we should also consider other options. Did you know you can perform trenchless sewer line repairs? Sewer line relining is one such approach. It involves running another sewer line within your existing sewer line. We basically create a new layer within the old pipe that feels and acts like a brand new sewer line. This saves on plumbing costs and lessens the need to excavate your property.