Do you know the dangers of gas leaks?

You always want to make sure your home is gas leak free! A gas leak places you and your loved ones at risk. There a many places a gas leak can occur. Shut-off valves and flex connections are the usual suspects. What we donít see however, are all the joint connections throughout the entire house which may cause a gas leak. Naturally gas is odorless, but your local gas company adds a smell to the gas so we can detect it. 5 Star Plumbing is licensed to perform gas leak repairs and installation. If you suspect a gas leak give us a call right away.

Does the gas company maintain my gas lines?

The simple answer is no. The gas company is only responsible for getting gas to your home or property. The homeowner is responsible for making sure all gas lines are in proper working order and free of gas leaks. If your gas pipes are damaged, call a licensed gas leak repairs and installation specialist in the Inland Empire.

What to do in case of a gas leak

If you suspect a gas leak, leave your home immediately and call your gas company right away. The gas leak may be in your house, exterior of your house, or surrounding area. Itís always better to be safe than sorry. Once you know itís safe to be at your home, call our 5-star gas leak pros. We will do a proper gas line inspection and make any necessary gas leak repairs or installation.

How to prevent gas leaks

You should always take extra precautions when doing any work inside or outside the home. Digging or home remodels should be properly planned before any work is performed. Know where your electrical and plumbing are, but more importantly, know where you gas lines are. Occasionally walk around your property and perform a gas leak inspection. Dead plants around your house near gas pipes can also be a sign of a gas leak. Earthquakes can also cause not just your homes foundation to move but your plumbing and gas pipes to move. Each movement may cause a gas leak so itís important to have a shut-off valve installed for such situations.

The most important tip to keep you safe is to call a licensed plumber for gas leak repairs and installations in the Inland Empire.